Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Summarizing of column values in SQL Server

Hi friends ,
here I am wondering about sql server by reading " ROLLUP " concept in SQL Server.

Consider the scenario which gives you  sum of columns within query , Is it possible  ?
Before reading it , I used different methods for summation of columns but Its tooo good to read it that , we will get sum in practicle way within query itself.

Highlighted row will be sum of RegId and Amount column.

Query as :

SELECT O_Id,Sum([OrderNo]) as RegId, SUM([p_id])  as TotalAmount
AS Amount FROM [testdb1].[dbo].[Orders]
WITH Rollup

Order_Id  RegId TotalAmount  1              21          2
  2              2324      1
  3              32          2
  5              6            3
  NULL     2383      9            <---Here Summary of Column (Regid ,TotalAmount)

I am searching more about Rollup,Cube and other related concept . Till date you also search and inform me more.
Try it..!! Enjoy...


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