Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What is the difference between tempdata ,viewdata and viewbag?

Sessions can be maintained in MVC by 3 ways tempdata ,viewdata and viewbag.

Diagrams covers all the points.

Temp data: -Helps to maintain data when you move from one controller to other controller or from one action to other action. In other words when you redirect,“tempdata” helps to maintain data between those redirects. It internally uses session variables.

View data: - Helps to maintain data when you move from controller to view.

View Bag: - It’s a dynamic wrapper around view data. When you use “Viewbag” type casting is not required. It uses the dynamic keyword internally.

Session variables: - By using session variables we can maintain data from any entity to any entity.
Hidden fields and HTML controls: - Helps to maintain data from UI to controller only. So you can send data from HTML controls or hidden fields to the controller using POST or GET HTTP methods.
Below is a summary table which shows different mechanism of persistence.
Maintains data betweenViewData/ViewBagTempDataHidden fieldsSession
Controller to ControllerNoYesNoYes
Controller to ViewYesNoNoYes
View to ControllerNoNoYesYes

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