Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to print report for multiple employee's ( Ex : For 1000 employee payslip in one report )

Here ,

If you want one report file for multiple employee or object and with same format ??

it is possible because of crystal reports.

-  Create crystal report and design as you want and provide schema.

-  After creating report from .net , gather all information in DataTable or DataSet .

-  Call function or query to DataSet for storing information.

-  Make DataSet as datasource for crystal reports.

In crystal reports :->

In crystal reports , you need to follow steps as

-  Right click on report . In  "Report"  Section click on submenu "Section Expert"

- One window will open ,on that window observ  "Section"  Part where you will get "Details"  (3rd option)
  Select that.

-  After Click on " Details" ,In  Adjcent window multiple checkboxes will appear.

- From that checkboxes select "Format Multiple column .. "

After that , from "Layout " tab of same section ,Click on "Format Multiple Column .. "

You will get result as you want.

Hope this will help you !! :)

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