Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How to DEBUG the Code ??

Basic steps  “ How to debug the code “
Steps :
1)      Put the breakpoint (Click on left-hand side of window ) Yellow colored line shows you are Compiling following line.Red Symbol showing your debugging started from that line

[Note : You can’t put breakpoint to GUI or presentation like .aspx file. Only in *.aspx.cs,*.cs etc  and you can’t put breakpoint for NAMESPACES]
1)      For Debugging you have some Important  shortcut keys like
F10 -  Start debugging
F11 – Go inside to the  Particular method when that yellow color available on that line

2)      When you  move your curser through objects,variables , methods etc its show description of that .

3)      When you start debugging again and again then , no need to stop process .Only just right click from where you  want to start debugging and click “SET NEXT STATEMENT”
That blue-mark …..

[These are basic steps of debugging .]
If you want to delete all breakpoint then go to

Debug -> Click on "Delete all breakpoint"


Double click on that breakpoint


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